AT&T generates $47 million out of online marketing

November 21, 2020

AT&T is an American Company that deals with fixed telephony and mobile phones as well as routers and broadband in the US

The company wanted to take a new approach in order to generate strong relationships via social media. For that they adopted several strategies that included social media strategy and content strategy.

Back in 2012, AT&T ran a Facebook campaign to promote some of its 4G phones. They wanted to help young people convince their parents they deserve a new 4G smartphone for the holidays. But smartphones at the time were pretty pricey gifts. If they really deserved one, they’d need a convincing argument. So they created Kent Wesley, on Facebook to help them prove that they really deserve one, using an app called “You’ve Got A Case”

The “You’ve Got A Case” app was used to access their Facebook profile to generate a customized video that let the user “make a case” to their friends and family of why they should purchase them a new smartphone .


They positioned Kent as a real attorney, complete with his own digital ad campaign and accompanied by all the design elements one might find in a law firm. Using the app, young individuals would the super-attorney to convince their parents to buy them a 4G smartphone.

With the help of a random selection of expert witnesses who testify on their behalf, Kent spins their Facebook info into an airtight legal argument. Their personalized case video plays and their case video also posts directly to your defendant’s Facebook Wall—along with a link to “settle out of court” by buying them the phone.


It’s good to note that this was the first project ever that allowed people to generate and view Facebook videos both on desktop and mobile devices. By making the campaign an appeal from one Facebook fan to another, sharing was built-in.

The result was that nearly half a million people consulted Kent, and click-through rates to purchase were up to five times the benchmark. Thousands of cases were created and shared, and AT&T’s 4G smartphone sales boomed—marking a record quarter.

The campaign generated almost 12 million earned impressions, a media value of almost $1.5 million. It garnered an 87% positive sentiment on social impressions. Of all the participants, 56.5% of them were aged 13-24, and the media CTR performance more than doubled the youth benchmark.

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