How Mint Used Online Marketing To Launch A Successful Digital Empire

November 29, 2020

Mint is a personal finance tracker that makes it easy for customers to achieve their financial goals, track their budget, and find deals on credit cards, loans, mortgages, and auto loans. Mint faced a serious challenge, as it needed to convince users that it was safe to consolidate their banking data under a single service. They needed to convince customers that this was a service they needed and that they were a reputable, safe service to use.

They were able to do this through their multi-channel marketing, which built authority and brand awareness throughout their targeted millennial audience.

Key aspects of their marketing strategy included;

A Blog

Mint understood that their major customer demographics were likely to be millennials who wanted to get a foothold on their finances. They started their MintLife Blog, directed at bringing in younger individuals who had questions about their finances. Blog-based content marketing brought in an audience demographic that was likely to be interested in their services.

Social Media Interaction

Through social media, Mint became extraordinarily responsive. The team at Mint hosted promotions, gave away free items and discounts, and engaged with the audience that they expected to be most interested in its service in efforts to establish relationships with known brands through social media — such as credit card companies. Mint was also able to easily build its perceived authority with its potential audience. Their social media was not self-promoting; instead, it focused on giving its millennial audience information about money saving tips, financial news, and more.

Video Marketing

Finally, Mint still needed to tackle the concept of showing its audience that it needed the tool that it was providing. It was able to do this through a sequence of explainer videos and articles designed to show the value of the website.

As a free website, Mint only needed to convince its users to convert to a free account — from there, the value presentation was within the tool itself. Ultimately, Mint was able to grow its business by establishing authority, creating a wide array of content marketing, and offering clear, understandable explanations about the usability of its tool.

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